Perceptions of Beauty

The psychology of beauty is very complex but not just because the concept of beauty is as yet undefined but also because it is beauty that lies in the eyes of the beholder or how individuals perceive other people. Beauty can be attributed to everything that appeals to our senses like perfumes, food and drink that are compatible with our personal preferences. Beauty as we perceive it personally is largely a projection of our needs, or fancies and reflect all our natural need to relate to all that is appealing to us. Human beings (us) are controlled by the senses our brains just can’t say no, we tend to repeat processes or experiences that appeal to the senses the most. So why do we perceive beauty like we do? Why are some people or objects more beautiful than others?

Many different specialist have many different theories on why we perceive beauty as we do but it all comes down to the same three similarities in the end. And I Quote “to consider our judgment of beauty as a projection or wish fulfillment so people attractive to us are typically ones who we admire or who in some way represent our own desires” This makes sense, we are only Human after all. Then there is similarities with parents I know this sounds so wrong but kind of makes sense if you think about it. In this modern day and age the majority of use are attracted to big bottoms, big breasts and perfect lips, in history I learnt a long time back women with beautiful feet where deemed as beautiful. It would be great to look into the future and see what we would deem as beautiful in 100 years.   

Perception of beauty