Hi everyone.   I’ve been thinking lots about how we use our senses when we first meet people, and which sense I use to remember people by, I used to remember people mainly on their faces and looks but more recently I’ve become far more aware of the sense of smell and the associations each smell can have.  Because of this I have become more and more interested in perfumes and aftershaves and how different perfumes can provoke different feeling and work for different occasions.

My favourite perfume for a friendship date would be Miss Dior by Christian Dior.   Citrusy, fresh and with a hint of Jasmine this is a great fun and flirty perfume, without being overwhelming.  I love to wear this out to cocktail bars and coffee dates.

For a Romantic date I like to switch it up between 2 perfumes from the same range.  Flower bomb and Spice bomb by Viktor and Rolf.  Old School perfumes with either a floral or spicy base, which dependent on your mood will be perfect for either the summer or winter months.  Great for a winters evening walk along the river, or a summer picnic at the lake.

And lastly, my favourite everyday perfume, Lily by Stella Mc Cartney.  Fresh, floral but with a hint of spice through the black truffle and black pepper notes.  This is a perfect every day, work or fun perfume.  It’s got a relatively low price point which means you don’t need to worry about using it sparingly.

What perfumes do you like to wear?  Do you tend to wear a different perfume depending on your mood?