Milk thistle herb  grows around the world where the temperature is  reasonably high, although it  originally grew wild in Southern parts of Europe and is best known for helping the liver and as a general anti-inflammatory. This is because it contains a bioflavonoid called Silymarin. Scientists have long since proven Silymarin’s benefits for liver health but what is less known is it’s qualities as both an anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant. This means it is very useful for many other conditions such as diabetes, indigestion, menopausal symptoms and high cholesterol levels. It also is extremely useful for anti-aging of human skin.


Scientists have proven Silymarin helps the long term health of the liver. It can help with serious liver problems such as cirrhosis, hepatitis through heavy alcohol consumption, fatty liver conditions doe to alcohol, viral hepatitis and liver poisoning. This is true of prolonged alcohol abuse or even liver poisoning through binge drinking.


Through studies concerning liver ailments and milk thistle treatments, scientists realized that because of it being an anti-inflammatory and strong antioxidant, it must have properties that would help skin problems also. Milk thistle can help with aczema, acne and psoriasis. This is quite obvious if you think about it. By boosting your immune system and cleansing your liver, we should automatically see improvements in skin conditions.


If you want to try this solution to many problems it is fairly easy to come by in daily supplements. In your local health store look for supplements that contain 50 to 150 milligrams of Silymarin, as a daily dosage. Look for supplement brands who use a high volume of extracts. In this case look for supplements containing 80% Silymarin. Any less than this and you will need to take double doses to gain the required effect.

milk thistle