French Manicures Sally Hansen


Hello everybody, for this week’s installment on my beauty and personal care blog we will be looking at nails, and in particular the French Manicure.  I have always loved the look of neat nude nails, and the French manicure, but other than having my nails done professionally at a salon, I have found producing a similar, or even a mildly acceptable version, has been virtually impossible to achieve.  I was recently reading other beauty blogs and stumbled across an article which referenced using Sally Hansen Hard as Nails French Manicure kits, so I had a look into these and found the product for a great and cheap price online;


The French Manicure.


The French manicure has many different origin stories, the most widely accepted origin is that it was originally invented by the make up company Max Factor.  Max Factor , established in 1909, is thought to have invented the French manicure for the Parisian fashionistas in the 1930’s.  The origin of the name ‘French Manicure’, come from a little bit later on, 1978 when Jeff Pink, founder of Orly, a professional nail varnish company, began selling ’Original French Manicure’ kits to use at home.  French manicures can be done at home and they are characterised as resembling neat and tidy natural nails.  A traditional French manicure has a white tip, whilst the rest of the nail is painted in a pale pink shade.  There is also a variation on the French manicure, called an American Manicure, which is more of a nude cream coloured tip with a more naturally  shaded nail of a nudey pink colour.  The origins of the American manicure is unknown.


quick nail jobFrench Manicure with white tips and a pink nail.

Same same American manicure with nude ivory tips and a nude pink nail.


Sally Hansens Hard as Nails French Manicure Kit.


Sally Hansen is one of my favourite nail care brands.  I struggled with biting my nails for years until I stumbled across Nail Biter by Sally Hansen.  Nail Biter contains a bitter ingredient which stops you biting your nails because of how bad it tastes every time you put your fingers into your mouth.  This combined with chewing gum means that I now have great long finger nails.  However unfortunately due to years of mistreating my nails and biting them they were very weak and brittle, and they would break really easily.  I then looked into more Sally Hansen products and discovered Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Instant Nail Hardener which really helps to harden and strengthen your nails.  I used this underneath every manicure for a couple of years and it really helped to nourish my nails and help stop them breaking so that they could grow.   I was then introduced to the Sally Hansen Hard as Nails range, which are amazing, and then onto the French manicure versions.

Nail polishI purchased the Sally Hansen Hard as Nails French Manicure Kit in Sheerly Opal, and the kit consists of;

tip guides, a French white polish, a French base colour – in this instance the Sheerly Opal shade, and a UV top coat.   The kit comes neatly packaged in a small kit with a window cut out so that you can view the shade prior to purchase.


Using the kit


Begin with clean dry nails, makes sure they are completely devoid of any natural oils by using a gentle cleanser on your nails.

Next, using a 4 sided nail file gently buff your nails to create a smoother surface on your nail, also file the edges of your nails to the desired length and shape.

Paint your nails using the clear base coat and allow 5-10 minutes for the varnish to dry.

Use the French tip guides and place them on the nail about ¾ of the way up.  You need to leave enough space at the end so that they are the desired length to apply the french white polish too.

Apply the french white polish to the tips,  sometimes the nail polish can be applied too thickly so ensure that you are using minimalistic polish otherwise the nail will appear deformed as there will be too much polish at the top of the nail.

Whilst the nail is semi dry, 3 -5 minutes, peel the top guide off the nail and leave for an additional 5-10 minutes to ensure it is completely dry.

Apply th French pink polish to the whole nail.  Only one coat should be necessary.

Top it off with the Clear base and top coat to seal into place.


And hey presto, stunning french nails!  One of my favourite ways to style your French manicure is by wearing skinny black jeans, a casual plain white T-shirt, and a big floppy black hat with my hair loose and straightened, for some great tips on straightening your hair check out my blog post last week onHair Straightening.