Choosing the Right Epilator

Hello everyone, and welcome back to my beauty and personal care blog. I just had my 35th birthday last week (tell anyone and I will get you) and after that I have noticed a lot more dark hairs growing in places they shouldn’t be. My boyfriend just tells me to use his straight razor but he just doesn’t get it. Shaving just makes the hairs grow back faster! My girlfriends recommended an epilator, but looking at them online was confusing for me as I have never had one before. Luckily the internet is amazing, and I am now an expert after a week of reading online. Looking at all of the epilators for sale on I found the perfect one, and now I want to help you all. 

Epilator Teeth


The Epilady is one of the oldest epilators available now. A perfect companion for an epilating newbie, the Epilady Legend 4 is a very basic, run of the mill epilator that will not hurt too much but will make sure that the job it done. Epilady is a very trusted company in the US and around the world. Some of the more intimate epilators sold by Epilady can cause a lot of soreness, so consider having a bath in milk thistle oil after. This will aid in keeping inflammation down as well as soothing any areas that might have bled a little. There are some great Epilady epilators to choose from on and they are all used and really cheap, so take a look at them!


epilady epilator

Braun Epilators

Braun is the other major player in the epilator game. They seem to have their name on everything now a days, from battery backups to air compressors to epilators. All of their products share a couple characteristics however; they are reliable, durable and expensive. Luckily for you all, lots of people have their used Braun epilators for sale on and there are even some newer ones for sale. Something to note when buying a used epilator however is that the box will usually come with lots of heads, so make sure they you get these with yours, or at least pay a cheaper price.


braun epilator

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That is about all of the info I can muster up for you all on choosing the right epilator. I hope that I have made your choices a little easier, and your future purchases a little cheaper. FOr any new readers who enjoyed this post and would like to read another similar post, consider my latest article on making your own toothpaste out of eggshells. I know it might sound weird, but it is surprisingly good and very, very good for you. I hope you all have an amazing day, and I will speak to you again soon.