Hello all you beautiful people, so happy for you to join me today. Summer is right around the corner and that means that I am having to get my beach body back. This means calisthenics every day, some cardio training and of course, eating well. I love being active, as I believe it helps me look and feel beautiful. I feel like in Summer it is even more important, as not only do you have less clothes on but you also want to do more because the weather is nicer. This year I set a goal for myself, and by the time I go onto the beach for the first time I want to have a nice set of abs for everyone to look at. The hardest thing about abs thought, is that you don’t get a six pack in the gym. 

It comes from the Kitchen

Most people who work out have pretty nice ab muscle already. We use our abs to balance, to pull ourselves up and even to hold ourselves up. But if you look at most people’s stomach you won’t see a rippling six pack. Most of the time you will see a small layer of fat that starts right below the rib cage and ends below the belly button. This is something that you can spend days in the gym trying to get rid of, but never will until you start looking at your eating habits. 

Eating Right

You need to understand how to eat properly if you want to have some strong rippling ads. For most people this means lean meat, low fat and low carb. The best food for this is chicken breast, as chicken  is an extremely lean meat with a high protein count. Make sure that you keep working out, and keep up your diet so that you can continue to work out as you need to give your body that final push so you look like a mean, lean, six pack machine.